Rails WDDX request

January 31, 2007
Tags: Rails Ruby WDDX

I was asked how to get the body of an HTTP post request in a Rails controller. And with the most things in Rails it's very easy.

In Java you can get a ServletInputStream from the request object, in PHP there is $_SERVER['RAW_POST_DATA']. Pretty much like in the java version you can just ask the request object for raw_post in Rails.

# Simple RPC-Controller in Rails
# request.raw_post contains the raw post data, that is
# the data that is submitted in the http request body.

# The example uses the wddx gem to return a simple WDDX response message

# To us WDDX install the wddx gem ([sudo] gem install wddx)
# and a require "wddx" statement
# to config/environment.rb

# app/controllers/rpc_controller.rb

# This controller has a simple method "endpoint"
# The body of the post request is written to the 
# log/#{environment}.log file.
# The controller returns a WDDX XML message.
class RpcController < ApplicationController             
  # simple endpoint
  def endpoint
     if request.post?
       logger.debug request.raw_post
       render :xml => "Ok".to_wddx
       render :xml => "Failure".to_wddx

To test this controller you can use the following code to issue a post request.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#  Created by Stefan Saasen on 2007-01-31.
#  Copyright (c) 2007. All rights reserved.
require 'rubygems'  
require 'net/http'
require 'wddx'

  http = Net::HTTP.new("localhost", 3000) 
  response = http.post('/Rpc/endpoint', {"key" => "value", 
      "another" => "value"}.to_wddx) 
  puts response.body
rescue SocketError => e
  # error handling


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